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Our Story

We are NewSolutions, LLC.  We are a small, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon.

We are not a charity, but we utilize our unique abilities to help financially marginalized people throughout the greater Portland-Vancouver area.  These are people who want to work and be self-supporting, but for various reasons they are challenged at finding or keeping adequate employment opportunities.

So we give them an alternative opportunity, by providing a special platform on which they can build and operate their own business.  They make no investment.  We provide everything they need.  We get them started by paying them to produce our OKI DOKI™ line of high quality and sustainable consumer products.  They can make other products, too, if they wish.  We also help them manage their business and sell their products.  You may like to know that all of the money from the sale of their products, minus materials and essential operating costs, goes directly to them.


You may also like to know that all OKI DOKI™ products are made from recycled outdoor advertising material; and our products should also be recycled when you are done with them.  We are a proud member of https://www.greenamerica.org

Your purchase of OKI DOKI™ products generates the cash flow that we need to make all of this possible for them. In exchange, you get a really great quality product, and our planet is a little less polluted.

We are a Win-Win-Winfor you, for our people needing help, and for our Environment !

made from refuse, made to reuse.

How We Operate


Here is how it works, in five easy steps:

1. NewSolutions will provide you with everything that you need to make OKI DOKI™ products.  This includes an industrial quality sewing machine, including maintenance, and any necessary repairs. There is no cost nor obligation to you.

2. We will also provide all training & instructions, along with support whenever you need it.

3. Product will be delivered to you in a Kit. Everything for sewing the product is inside the kit.


4. Sew the products together. Then contact us, and we will pick them up.

5. We will then inspect each product with you, and pay you cash for each one that meets our quality standards.

It is that simple.  There is no investment by you.  You have no employment nor contractual obligations with NewSolutions.  You are your own boss.  We are simply giving you everything that you need to assemble products that we may buy, thereby giving you the opportunity to make money for yourself.  The average person will make over $1,000 per month.


There are other advantages for you:

a.   You are your own boss.

b.   You decide when you want to work.

c.   You decide how much you want to work.

d.   You can work where you want, including at home, so there would be no child care cost; nor commute time and cost.


e.   You can work other jobs.

f.   You can use our sewing machine & materials to make other products and sell them yourself.

Simply put, if you want to sew and sell to us the products that we give to you then we will pay you the agreed upon amount provided the finished product meets our quality standards.

There is more.

Have a product idea of your own? We may be able to help you make it happen.  We literally have decades of experience in developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing new products.  As a small, entrepreneurial, and manufacturing based company, we probably have the all the resources and capabilities that you need. And we are always looking for good partners with good product ideas.

If the above interests you, then please contact us anytime at (503) 645-5480 or craig@okidoki.world  Let’s get started making your tomorrows better than you today.

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