Our Story

We are NewSolutions, LLC, a small and philanthropic manufacturing company in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

We exist to help local people who are financially disadvantaged.  These are people who want to work and be self-supporting, but for various reasons they are challenged at finding and keeping adequate employment.  Traditional away-from-home employment does not work well for them.

So we empower them instead.  We partner with them, and set them up to make OKI DOKI products at home.  We provide everything they need at no cost, including all materials, equipment, and training.  We then buy the OKI DOKI products that they make.  They can also make money by using our materials and equipment to make their own products and do other business, with no obligation to NewSolutions.

That is how we empower them.  That is how we help them become self-sufficient while working from home.

All OKI DOKI products are made from reclaimed  billboard materials.  These normally end up in your landfill.  We rescue, clean, and recycle or repurpose these materials, and our partners use them to hand-make beautiful and unique products for you to enjoy. Good for you … good for them ….. and good for our environment !

Your purchase of OKI DOKI products makes the above possible.  When you buy OKI DOKI, you get more than just a local, hand-made, high quality, and one-of-a-kind product.  You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your money goes directly to these people and their families, and that you are also improving the quality of your environment.


YOU make a big difference !