Our Story

We are NewSolutions, LLC. We are a small, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon.  We are a B Corporation; we are not a charity.

We exist to help people to help themselves.  We work with financially displaced people in the greater Portland-Vancouver area.  These are people who want to work and be self-supporting, but for various reasons they are challenged at finding or keeping adequate employment opportunities. Traditional employment does not work well for them.

So we give them an alternative to employment.  We empower them.  We utilize our unique abilities to provide them with a special platform on which they can become self-employed, and self-sufficient.  They make no investment.  We provide everything they need.  They can  work at home.

We get them started by paying them to produce our OKI DOKI™ line of very cool and high quality sustainable consumer products.  They can make and sell their own products, too, if they wish.  We also help them manage their business and sell their products.

You may like to know that all profit from the sale of OKI DOKI™ products, minus materials and essential operating costs, goes directly to them.  Your purchase of OKI DOKI™ products generates the cash flow that makes this happen.


You may also like to know that all OKI DOKI™ products are made from recycled outdoor advertising material (billboards).  All OKI DOKI™ products are totally sustainable, and they, too, can be recycled again.  So please recycle them when you are done.

Spend your money wisely.  When you buy OKI DOKI™ you get the satisfaction of directly helping people and our environment.  And you get a very cool and unique product, that is well designed and well made, too !