The Wind Beneath Our Wings ....


Pacific Outdoor Advertising

Portland, OR

Dave, Ann, and Amity are the key part of the very progressive management team at PACIFIC.  Their company really walks-the-walk when it comes to supporting environmental and socially responsible enterprises like NewSolutions.  They donate their expired Bulletins to us, which we use in making lots of our sustainable OKI DOKI™ products in Portland, Oregon.

YJ(USA) Corp.

Dallas, TX

YJ manufactures ARIA®, which is the highest quality of sustainable outdoor advertising material in the world.  They donate their surplus ARIA® materials to us, and we use these to make our high quality and sustainable OKI DOKI™ products.  Orson and Sheena, a father-daughter team, are truly wonderful people, who share and support our passion for helping to create a better world, one person at a time. 

Quality Sewing Machine Sercive Company

Keizer, OR

Bricio and Yrma are a great husband-wife team that both supplies and services our sewing machines.  They are among the most honest and reliable people you will ever find.  We are very fortunate to have them on our team.  They literally keep us running!  They and their people are also available to supplement our home-sew production team from time-to-time.  This gives us the ability do large contract programs.  

Chris Della Fave

This is normally where someone would say something nice about me. I will not brag. I built this site and many others. I am a 3D artist and video playback engineer for film, television and music videos.

Jesse & Deon Brown

A Husband-wife photography team who shot most of our product photos.  Jesse is a pro with all the technical stuff.  Deon knows how she wants to product to look.  

EXCEED Enterprises

Milwaukie, OR.

Stephen Achilles and his team at EXCEED are truly outstanding partners.  Ever ready, and ever willing, to help in every way.  Of all the outside forces affecting us, they brought the most benefit.  Without their help, we probably would be far behind in our development and progress.  Thank you !!