Our Team



For over 30 years Ramona has been one of the leading seamstresses in our area.  She has excellent needle skills and a very broad range of experience sewing different products.  Ramona teaches her skills pro-bono to our new and lesser experienced sewers.  A truly great person !



A single Mom of "3 kiddos" and doing a great job at it.  Sarah loves to sew at home with the kids, and she is even thinking of starting her own at-home business with NewSolutions.  Our goal is to help her to get this going so that she can make a living from home while raising the kids.

Meet Sarah



Donna really loves sewing.  She is truly a perfectionist, and she takes great pride in her work.  Add to that her calm and very stable personality, and your can understand why her products are always the highest quality.  Donna also has an entrepreneurial gene, and we expect that some day may want to launch her own line of high quality products.  Stay Tuned !

Meet Donna



Like Ramona, Jennifer is a talented seamstress, who also loves sharing her skills and experience with our less experienced sewers.  An ex-New Yorker with a restless mind, Jennifer uses that energy to create and develop great new product ideas.  She is very good at that.

Meet Jennifer



Not everybody sews.  Dana is one of those multi-talented people sho is also a quick study.  You can give her anything, and she will figure it out quickly.  She is very inventive,  Best of all ..... she loves details and data.  That is great, because the rest of us don't.  



  • Another multi-role talent like Dana.  Joy sees the bigger picture and helps to guide us on strategy.  She is very good at tracking the money, too.  A savvy shopper, we also tap into her opinions during product development.  She keeps us from getting too crazy.



  • Somebody once said that his only real contribution seems to be blind luck in finding and motivating truly great and capable people.  "Guilty" I plead, as shown by the above.